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Bernard Ewell - Dali Detective

Bernard Ewell


I am the Dalí Detective who, through developing more information than anyone else, stands as the basis of truth and a model of ethics. After all, I am the only fully independent, disinterested and uncompromised Dalí expert.

As a Senior Appraiser with a 45 year international practice and reputation, I make my home in Santa Fe and travel a great deal. On my Blog I’ll share the story of my first involvement with artworks attributed to Dalí in 1980 (they were fakes) and many other stories about my expert court testimony in numerous Federal and state fraud cases, my appraisal of the collection of The Salvador Dalí Museum, my visits to the Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dalí and the Dalí properties in Spain, my battles with the bad guys and much, much more.

I’ll always be upfront and unflinching in my evaluations of the players and their actions. This site should serve as your reality check; your truth touch-stone and your ethics filter. My job is to be the voice you can trust (as I already am for thousands). I’ll answer your questions, provide the most dependable and complete authentication and appraisal services, and direct you to other professionals whom you can trust. I’ll also steer you away from some very bad characters and hopefully save you pain and money.

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