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OK. Now that we have taken a new direction, I am working on a list of topics to address. I would be happy to respond to suggestions and questions that youall send to dali@bernardewell.com.

By the way, for those who are not familiar with Southern culture (no, that’s not Southern Comfort), you may be confused by the use for “youall”. Sometimes it’s written “you-all”. Either way, it appears to Northerners to be plural. Actually, it’s a singular usage. If you’re addressing a crowd, the proper term is “all you all”.

Am I a southerner? No. But it is true that I am descended from General Richard Stoddard Ewell of the Confederacy and my wife Melinda is a descendent of Jefferson Davis. Even so there are no residual Confederate sympathies in our household.

I beieve the next posting I’ll do will share with youall (or y’all) my first visit to Salvador Dali’s museum in Figures, Spain and his home in Port Lligat near Cadaques. On both ocassions my son Duncan and I were totally alone in the buildings and were permitted to stay as long as we wished–courtesy of the Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali. Quite an experience.

Right now I’m in a hotel room in San Francisco and don’t have time to write the posting, but I’ll try to get to it later. I’m about to go up to San Rafael to visit John Garzoli at the Garzoli Gallery. He is one of the top dealers in historic American art and I am looking forward to finally meeting him. This afternoon I’ll return to San Francisco to meet with Roland Weinstein at his gallery near Union Square. He is one of the top delers in Contemporary art and a major “ggod guy” player in the Salvador Dali market.

Tomorrow I start a two day course in USPAP- the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. I do this every five years as I believe that it represents the most important set of standards for the appraisal profession. USPAP is the wall that divides truly professional appraisers from the mass of others who claim to be appraisers, but fall far short of what they should be.

In other words, the “ARTPRO-on-the-go” is moving ahead. yesterday I arrived in San Francisco on my 1,017th airplane flight.