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Here we are at the end of a month in San Miguel de Alliende, Guanajuato, Mexico. It has been a month of rich rewards, lovely friendships, marvelous food, beautiful Spanish colonial city and towns, excursions into the campo and lots of hours spent working very hard on writing Artful Dodgers . It will be the first book to really reveal how the art market works.

Artful Dodgers will explain the fact that there are more than one art market and each works in different ways and is governed by different rules. It will explain the Six Myths That Drive The Art Market, look at the scams, swindles and con men (and women) who populate the market, and give shocking details about the games many people play. The book will also offer the first informed evaluation of the personal property appraisal profession ever. It’s a pretty disappointing report, I’m afraid.

The book as a whole, however, is designed to provide an enormous amount of information. The response of many readers is expected to be the same as that which always greeted my columns in ART-talk magazine: “Bernard reveals and states a lot of stuff which I thought was probably true, but no one ever says out loud.”

Artful Dodgers is being written in a very accessible and understandable style and there is a minimum of “art bull shit”. It is a work of narrative non-fiction that I expect will get a lot of attention. Hopefully no death threats.

We now return to Santa Fe were I have a very heavily scheduled month of hard work before we
leave for a month in Ireland at the cottage in Donnegal where I shall continue work on the book in the hope that when I return it will be close to completion. The writing requires that I spend four to six hours a day at my computer, but is exciting and rewarding.