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It’s more than a week since Halloween, but I’m still chuckling about an encounter I observed, so I thought I’d share it will youall.

On the day before Halloween, a Saturday, I was pushing a cart around our very nice small grocery store about ten miles outside Santa Fe. There was a community Halloween party underway in the commercial center’s plaza and there were lots of little kids in costume. The checkers had candy to give to any who came into the store.

Surprisingly, two of the small goblins made their way to the back of the store and approached the fish counter. They called out “trick or treat”. The normally sanguine clerk who never exhibited any sense of humor looked startled and confused about how he was supposed to respond. He didn’t have any candy to dispense.

Leaning over the counter he checked out their costumes and asked, “Uh, you kids want a flounder?”

The whole thing was so surreal, I knew Dali would have loved it.


Recently my daughter and her family visited us from Longmont, Colorado. One evening we were sitting around the patio table after dinner and I was telling a story–as I often do.

Grandson Erik (4 1/2) ran up panting, “Granddad, Granddad….”.
I said, “Just a minute, Erik, I’m telling a story.

Erik tried his Grandmother who replied, “Just a minute, Erik, I’m listening to Granddad.”

Exasperated, he turned to his last resort and said, “Mom, can you put Granddad on pause?”