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ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS (February 21st, 2011)

So, there I was enjoying breakfast with friends in a beautiful courtyard restaurant in San Miguel de Alliende, Mexico, when that frequently asked question again came up. “What’s happening with the Dali court cases and those crazies who were attacking you on-line? It seems that lots of people want to know that because for a couple of year there it was such a big topic and recently it’s hardly been mentioned. OK, here goes.


You’ll remember that in August, Federal Court Judge Zatkoff dismissed the jury decision against Park West Gallery. That set up the stage for a second trial in Port Huron, Michigan. Park West Gallery would still be the plaintiff and the defendants would still be Fine Art Registry, Theresa Franks and David Phillips, her writer.

In December, Judge Zatkoff denied the FAR motion to overturn his ruling, but did give the defendants the opportunity to appeal his decision to the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. They have done so, but it is far from unclear that the court will accept the case. If they do, FAR will file their brief, Park West’s attorneys will respond and the Circuit Court will hear verbal arguments before ruling. If they do not accept the case, Judge Zatkoff will order the retrial. Either way, it’s going to be some months before there is forward movement.

Will I testify again? I don’t know. I would expect that I will, but I currently have no contract with or retainer from either Park West Gallery of their law firm.

Now, about the attempted class action suits that FAR and others make so much noise about. Either they have been dismissed or are in the process of Park West moving for their dismissal. None have been certified to go forward or are even close to certification.

The State Court case filed by Fine Art Registry and others has been stayed pending an appeal by Frank Hunter of a decision to keep him in the case as a FAR witness. This matter also has a long way to go before either dying with a wimper or, less likely it seems, being tried.


With no discernable purpose other than keeping the pot boiling, the FAR witch keeps throwing fuel onto the fire beneath her caldron of lies, innuendos and insults. She apparently continues to see me as a potent threat or she wouldn’t continue her tirades.

How amusing to see that Fine Art Registry posted a photograph of me (taken from this blog) dressed in my costume for the Surreal Parade from The Salvador Dali Museum to the opening of the New Dali Museum. This they point to as evidence that I’m somehow irresponsible and ridiculous. They obviously know nothing of Dalinian culture and didn’t even recognize that the action figure in my breast pocket was Sigmund Freud.

The posting refers to me as “…Park West Gallery’s lone, self-proclaimed Dali authenticator, Bernie Ewell, an appraiser (so he claims) residing in New Mexico.” That’s “Thirty-nine year Accredited Senior Appraiser of The American Society of Appraisers” to you, Lady.

Interesting how a slimy comment like “self-proclaimed” is used to question the credibility and reputation recognized in many countries of the world where I am the expert of choice for those who know.

The posting repeats the old lie that I “worked for Park West Gallery for more than a decade (and was paid handsomely).” Not even close. I NEVER worked for Park West. I have always been a totally independent and disinterested third party expert who was called as an EXPERT WITNESS. And the “paid handsomely” part? Nowhere near enough for the grief, reputation assasination and business destruction that I have suffered at the hands of these loonies. Fortunately saying what they say (“impotent and clownish”) doesn’t make it true.

There have been some wonderful comments sent to this blog expressing outrage at the way Fine Art Registry has targeted me for a Google Bomb. I appreciate the support and faith of those who have sent them, but have decided that to post them would just further push an obviously unbalanced woman closer to the edge.

Unfortunately this crap will continue. They’ll keep pouring toxins into the Dali market pond which will spread out to sicken or kill all other organisms. The legitimate players see this and complain about their sick market, but do and say nothing. Sometimes I wonder why I continue to work on their behalf when they are so unwilling to clean their own pond.


When Melinda and I were in Dallas/Fort Worth airport on our way to Mexico, who should come along with a huge smile and his dynamite glasses but our friend Elliott King? He pulled up a chair to our table and we had a great catch-up chat. Elliott was on his way to Canada for the reinstallation of “Santiago El Grande” which had thrilled many thousands at his splendid Dali: The Later Years show in Atlanta. He was pleased to hear that while we were in Mexico we would be traveling down to Mexico City to visit our mutual friend Enrique Zepeda. I’ll enjoy telling you all about our adventures in a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on the revision of Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market and enjoy Central Mexico. Hasta luego!