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No sooner had I returned from Mexico City and a splendid visit with Dali collector and scholar Enrique Zepeda, than I received an email from him pointing out that in my last blog posting I had referred to him as “Ernesto Zepeda”.

Ernesto Zepeda is an Argentinian painter who lived for years in Santa Fe. I saw him frequently, we talked often and I consider him a fine man. Even so, he is no Enrique Zepeda, who continues to impress me with the breadth of his general knowledge, his insightful awareness of most things Dali and his generous kindness. I’ll be posting a blog later today describing the fun and intellectual sharing of our visit, but for now, I want to sincerely apologize for referring to him by other than his correct name–my friend, Enrique Esteban Zepeda Vasquez.

And by the way, if anyone knows how I can insert the accents that a name such as Enrique’s should properly have, please send instructions to me at artpro@bernardewell.com. I do not have Enrique’s technical prowess. He carries an iPad everywhere and can make it do wonderous things.