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Well it took me long enough to find the time here in San Miguel de Alliende, Mexico to post a report of our visit with Enrique and Silvia Zepeda in Mexico City last week end. Vacations like this are not what they used to be. I’m sitting here in my third floor writing studio. I can hear Cuban music from the Jardin (main plaza) because the annual Cuba Fest is on. Melinda is joining friends for lunch but I begged off to work on editing Artful Dodgers and I’m surrounded by a computer and three telephones. What’s wrong with this picture?

OK. Enough whining. Rather, I’ll think about Mexico City and the marvelous time we had with Enrique and Silvia and their two very bright boys (8 & 11). We spent an awful lot of time in the car (Enrique and Silvia were tireless in dealing with the traffic) but saw a lot of really terrific art as well. Of course we had some memorable meals, saw the sites and thoroughly enjoyed the delightful family. For me personally, however, the time that Enrique and I spent looking at his Dali collection of artworks and books, talking Dali subjects, comparing notes on the various players in the Dali market and sharing as only two total nuts on a subject can, was invaluable. Silvia looked slightly perturbed/bored a couple of times, but we tried not to impose too much on the lovely ladies. Especially as both are so much fun and so interesting themselves. (Silvia is a sparkling doll!)

Enrique really knows a lot about Dali, Mexican art, the art market and a host of other subjects. With a career as a diplomat, a career with the Attorney General’s office and a career as a lawyer, he can speak on almost any topic. He is never separated from his iPad (probably even in the shower) and he has the world at his fingertips. This is the type of intellectually stimulating person I most like to be with. This was our third time together and I’m looking forward to more. We’ve tentatively set our next visit for Santa Fe.

At the Bellas Artes (national gallery of art) and the Museo Dolores Oumeda, Enrique and I had a terrific opportunity to look at art together–especially Diego Rivera–and compare notes. I love doing this with another art expert because I always learn things I didn’t know and learn about how much the other person knows. With Enrique, it was especially rewarding. That man knows alot. He also has a very good eye and brings a lot of perspectives (especially historic) to viewing art.

Better still, he fully exemplifies the first part of my motto:

If a person has integrity, nothing else matters
If a person does not have integrity, nothing else matters.