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BOUND FOR SPAIN? POSSIBLY (October 26th, 2011)

The Fundacio Gala-Salvador Dali has announced that with several other entities it will sponsor an international seminar on authentication and the identification of fake works of art. The goal is to bring together experts who will exchange information on detection techniques, experiences and ideas for legal measures. It is scheduled for June 19, 20 and 21.

Enrique Zepeda and I are discussing attending, but must first find out more about the agenda and goals of the seminar. If it is intended to focus on artworks attributed to Salvador Dali, we will definitely go. That will give us the opportunity to celebrate Enrique’s birthday with a paella and Catalan wine! (Oh, yes, we do knoiw how to have fun). We presume, but don’t yet know, that the seminar will be in Figures.

Since graphic works (prints) are to be one topic, it is especially important for me to be there if Dali is the focus. After all, I have examined over 57,000–more than anyone else–and I have the files and expertise to offer assistance to my colleagues, museums, collectors and yes, the Fundacio itself.

Will they, or won’t they? (go) Stay tuned.