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Remember, you heard it here first–even if we don’t have all the details yet.

The Baron Philippe duNoyer, a longtime player in the market for Salvador Dali artworks, told me in a personal telephone call I made to him on his birthday that he is about to release his splendid collection of original Dali works. He accumulated them during the years that he was a Dali dealer in New York. He was also the exclusive North American representative for the great French publisher Pierre Argillet and the exclusive Albaretto Collection of Turin, Italy.

I have had the pleasure of examinng each of the original artworks and believe them to be a very fine selection. I also visited the chateau of Pierre Argillet and twice was a guest of the Albaretto family. In fact, I am the only person calling himself a Dali expert who has made those two efforts in pursuit of due dilligence. I know the sources of Philippe’s art, I have seen the documentation, I have questioned the previous owners and I am fully satisfied that each of the artworks is genuine. Of course, it is the works themselves that really hold the clues for an art detective. Believe me, this is good stuff.

Now, about Baron Philippe himself. He and I have traveled in Europe together. I have watched him import and sell a great quantity of Dali artworks. I have been retained to examine and give opinions of authenticity for hundreds of pieces that he has handled. He has shipped art to me for examination. I have examined art in warehouses in New York and in Philippe’s professional space. We have jointly investigated sources and have spent a vast amount of time discussing Dali, the market and the other players, both good and bad.
I have know him to always play it straight and be honest. He says, “If the cards are not all on the table, there is no game.”

This will be an important offering of very good original Dali material. What I can’t yet tell you is where and when it will be available. Watch this space for those details when Philippe is ready to release them.