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Just as with all warfare, the casualties last far beyond the live action. Throughout 2008, 2009 and 2010, Theresa Franks of the bogus Fine Art Registry posted lies about me on the Internet. Some were posted in her own name, some were hatchet jobs by paid assassins and some were posted with aliases to hide their true origin. Why was I targeted?

More than anything else, it was because I was to be the expert witness in lawsuits in which Theresa Franks and Fine Art Registry were defendants. Today it’s possible to destroy the credibility of an opposing expert before the trial even begins. Scary, unjust and just plain despicable. Not surprising considering the source.

Today a writer asked me some questions about Theresa Franks and I was at a loss to fully answer. I told him I was hampered by a lack of knowledge about psychological disorders. I also told him that I live in rattlesnake country. I know how to catch, move and release snakes. I also know better than to stir up vipers. This post may do just that, but not nearly to the extent that a lawsuit against my attackers would.

The real tragedy of all of this twisted lying is that a career of exemplary professional services, unsurpassed credibility and total integrity has been almost destroyed. When people with Salvador Dali artworks are given my name, they probably Google me and are treated to a series of fabricated lies about my knowledge, professionalism and reputation. Not surprising, they go elsewhere.

The very best Dali expert (me) has thus been pushed aside. At the same time, my business has suffered and I have been unable to help a lot of people who would otherwise greatly benefit from my knowledge. Perhaps I’ll have to stir up that viper after all.