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No Other Place Like Santa Fe

When I first moved to Santa Fe eleven years ago (after doing business here monthly for almost thirty years) people would ask why, after thirty years in Colorado, I had moved. I would tell them it was because Santa Fe is the most spiritual place I know. After a while I changed the answer to “Because Santa Fe is the most entertaining place I know.”

I just returned from a 2,300 mile driving trip. I went first to Colorado Springs to pick up my son Duncan, daughter-in-law Mariana and their enormous Rhodesian Ridgeback. We drove to Houston where they took flight for Rio de Janeiro–Mariana’s home. The job prospects are much better there than in Colorado. I then drove back to Santa Fe. As always, I was very glad to be back in my canyon paradise where we live within a National Historic Park. I didn’t remember that Texas was so huge and so boring.

The lead line of the lead article in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper reminded me of what an entertaining place this is:

“Santa Fe County road maintenance manager Diego Gomez said Thursday that his decision to use county equipment and staff to work on a private driveway had nothing to do with the fact that his mother-in-law lives at the end of it.”

Actually, I think he got tired of having his wife demand, why, with all the equipment and men he had, her elderly mother was still having to travel over tha wretched road. The poor guy didn’t mean to do anything unethical, he just wanted some peace.