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Teresa Franks of Fine Art Registry has posted another incredibly nasty, twisted and fictitious article about me on her blog. I’ll not address the many lies or the unbalanced mind that does this, but I do want to point out one accusation.

Franks writes, “…Ewell appears to be supporting anti-Semite followers on his web site. Take a look at the screenshot below.” Then, appears one of the individuals who have linked to my blog. This one uses the name “kike”.

“Kike” (pronounced “keekay”) is the nickname for Francisco in Spanish and Portugeuse speaking countries. This particular individual is indeed named “Francisco” and he is a brilliant, compassionate, sweet man who has accomlished very admirable things in his life and heads a terrific family–in Rio de Janeiro. He certainly does not deserve this sort of slander, and neither do I. I ask that she take this particular accusation off her blog because it just makes her look stupid and hurts a very fine man.