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Perhaps the worm is turning,” said my correspondent on the telephone. I sincerely hope he’s right, and it appears that he is. The bad news for Theresa Franks and her Fine Art Registry just keeps coming. A great new posting by Michael Wilson at http://fineartinvestigations.blogspot.com talks about the lawsuit filed by Peter Paul Biro. The blog also has several other investigative articles about Franks.

In more information from others, I have been told that a major player does not think that Franks is crazy (as I have been known to suggest). Rather, he is sure that her attacks on me and others are part of her business plan to develop a television program in which she goes after “bad guys” in the art market. Amazing.

Want to see a truly astounding video? Go to http://fineartinvestigations.blogspot.com and look at “Power Corrupts Again: The Theresa Franks – John C. Golfus Connection”. It will show you the sort of criminals that Franks plays with in pursuit of her endless ambition.