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There has been much discussion about the authenticity of the prints of Dali images that were published by Giuseppe Albaretto through the Paris publicatuion firm that he had a half interest in, Les Heures Claires. This is the company founded by Jean Estrade which published almost all of the Divine Comedy sets.

Having twice examined all of the original watercolors and ink drawings which were translated into prints, having seen hundreds of pages of documentation and a couple of hundred photoigraphs of the Albaretto family with Gala and Salvador Dali and having always had my questions answered completely by the Albarettos, I know the prints are fully authentic. They are not fully original because the original works are the drawings and watercolors. The prints are what has become to be known as cooperative prints.

A couple of days ago while working my way through several runnng yrds of Dali files, I resurrected a photocopy of an important documnent relevent to this topic.

It is a written and notarized authorization from Dali to “docteur Monsieur Giuseppe Albaretto de Turin dated  1973. It grants permission to reproduce (in and on various listed materials) all of his (Dali’s) works that he (Albaretto) owns without restriction. It also grants permission for the blind (uninked) embossed Dali signature which appears on every Albaretto print.

I am not going to post a scan of the document because of the manner in which some unsavory characters have been known to lift images out of this blog and post them online with attendant lies. If you have reason to want a photocopy, contact me at artpro@berardewell.com