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There has been much speculation and skepticism about the relationship between two couples who are central to so much of the Salvador Dali story. Dr. Giuseppe and Dr. Mara Albaretto of Turin, Italy were among Dali’s biggest collectors for years. Their collection is eclipsed only by that of Reynolds and Eleanor Morse, whose collection forms the core of The Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Morses visited the Albarettos and Ren wrote effusive letters of thanks praising the Albaretto collection and its importance. He also asked if it could be exhibited at the Florida museum. That never happened because at the time the collection was still pretty much a personal secret of the Albarettos.

Of the various people who today claim to be Dali experts, I am the only one who has personally visited the collection in Turin – twice. Not even anyone from The Salvador Dali Museum has followed up on the Morse’s friendship and gone to Italy to see the original darwings and watercolors. That’s one reason I set myself apart from those who claim to know what they’re talking about. I’m the only one who has done due diligence in this matter.

At the Albarettos, I have twice seen over two hundred photographs of the family members with Salvador and Gala Dali.I do not have copies of them and the Albarettos, ever very private, have not posted them online.

Here is a reversal, however. The last time I was in Dali’s house – Casa Dali at Port Lligat, Cadaques, Spain – I was accompanied by my wife Melinda. In Gala’s bedroom we spotted a photograph of the Dalis with the Albarettos among the snapshots that Gala had taped to the cupboard doors in her bathroom. All were of close friends of the couple or movie stars with the Dalis. This photo shows from right to left: Giuseppe Albaretto, Mara Albaretto, Salvador Dali, unknown individual, Gala Dali.