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The time is running out and I’m pushing to finish the rewrite of Artful Dodgers. I’m sure it’s anxiously awaited by thousands, especially the low life who make up lies about me. Probably they won’t want to sue me for this book, but if they do, we’ll have the opportunity through discovery to learn a whole lot more about them.

Well, enough on that topic. I really haven’t spent any time worrying about them while here in San Miguel de Allende. The Writers Conference and Chamber Music Festival are over. The Cuba Fest is on and there’s thrilling music and dance on the Jardin (main plaza) every night. We’ll miss the Baroque Festival, but be here for it next year. We’re having a series of farewell meals with friends and preparing to fly home on Tuesday. My, how quickly a month passes!

When I was out on a birding expedition, I discovered an Archaic (pre-Aztec) habitation site in the middle of a field and picked up a lot of pot shards and a quartz awl, probably used for making holes in leather. I also found a chert blade still sharp enough to cut raw meat. As an archaeologist, I always look down as well as up. This site is waaaay earlier than the pueblo I excavated near Zuni, New Mexico over five seasons.

The visit from Enrique Zepeda and his family continues to warm our hearts. Yesterday I received an overnight delivery of a DVD he said he would copy for me. It has much revealing information about Salvador Dali’s “secretaries” and I shall enjoy translating the French presentation and subtitles. I look forward to spending a couple of days with the family in Mexico City when I drive down here in August with a friend from Santa Fe.

Well, on the road again. Best to all.