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Believe me, I am not one to celebrate another’s misfortune–unless that person has caused others great pain and richly deserves to suffer in turn. In my blessed life, I have a list of fewer than five people who are candidates for such a list and only two who are sure nominees. One of them is Theresa Franks of Fine Art Registry.

After watching her trash others on her blogs and after about three years of being one of her prime targets for lies, slander and trash talk, I cannot help being pleased that she is once again the target of a lawsuit. She has so many such challenges to deal with currently that perhaps she’ll have less energy for thinking up and posting total lies about me. In fact, her credibility is so low that even if she does, they’ll have far less impact on my otherwise excellent forty year reputation than ever. Fortunately, the people who know and the people who matter have never paid much attention to them.

Michael Wilson of Fine Art Investigations has, once again, shown himself to be an admirable researcher and writer by posting the latest Theresa Franks news at www.fineartinvestigations.blogspot.com/p/theresa-franks-fine-art-registry.html.

Wilson states that a new lawsuit has been filed against Franks and her Fine Art Registry (FAR) in New York Supreme (Superior?) Court by Park West Gallery and joins another in Federal Court in which she is accused of providing false information for a New Yorker article. He also notes her recent default on a bank loan and points out that her once mighty online presence and numerous sites are crumbling and partially offline.

The new suit, alleges that FAR “over the course of several years have embarked on a substantial, malicious and outrageous cyber-smear campaign against Park West, its artwork, artists, executives, auctioneers and general business practices all in a calculated and intentional effort to interfere with Park West’s present and potentional business relationships with clients and customers.”

Interesting that Park West didn’t include their expert, me, but then, they threw me under the bus a while ago.

Do read Michael Wilson’s FINE ART INVESTIGATIONS blog posting and check out the others he has written on this and similar topics. He is a careful researcher, gets his facts straight and in also a disinterested reporter. His efforts will help realign the myths and lies that Theres Franks and her allies have tried to make “truth” in the Dali market. They may also cause some dealers to pay attention and change their practices that have strengthened the Franks-and-others-generated myths.