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“Whatever happened to that Bernard Ewell?” is a question that is frequently asked throughout the year. The answer is usually that I’m somewhere else. So it is until May 22. During that time, I’ll not only be in the extreme northern part of Donegal, Republic of Ireland, but I’ll also have Internet connectivity only about once a week. Yes, this is truly¬†away and it’s why we come here every year.

Unfortunately it means also that I’ll probably not have a chance to post a couple of blogs that I’d like to do about Wolfgang Everling and his splendid work on Dali’s Divine Comedy and update (even correct) some of the information I posted about Dali and the St. Regis Hotel’s King Cole Bar until I return, but I’m sure the millions of readers who live for my postings will be patient.

I am doing very well on the final polish to Artful Dodgers and doing more writing for the next book, Persistence of Enigma: The Unbelievable Salvador Dali Market. It is always exciting to work on these projects, especially now that the first book is pretty much done.

The economic situation here in Ireland is not good. Last week eleven young people emigrated from the tiny village of Clonmany here on the Inishowen Peninsula. It’s as if the nineteenth century was back and there was no future here for the youth. Of course, my own son emigrated to Rio de Janeiro, but his wife’s family is there.

Until I get the next chance to reconnect with the outsid world, I’ll raise a Guiness in your honor.