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IT’S OUR 40th ANNIVERSARY !!! (June 5th 2012)

Never mind how I got to be 68 years old. It doesn’t matter because I still have 36 years to live. How do I know? I decided years ago that I was going to live to be 104 years old. Happilly my doctor thinks I have a pretty good chance of achieving my goal. Just think, I’ll have a lot of years to relish outliving those of inferior character who have bad-mouthed and lied about me. Ah, sweet revenge because I’ll do it in the grand style that I continue to live.

What is difficult to believe is that THIS IS THE 40th YEAR THAT I’VE DONE PROFESSIONAL APPRAISALS. 

So, what does that mean?


Yes, forty years of experience in being a totally professional and honest independent appraiser assures my clients for appraisals, court testimony and my readers and audiences that they can count on receiving the very best my profession has to offer.

When it comes to the art of Salvador Dali, European and American art, Old Master prints, American Western art and a whole host of other categories, they can count on getting the most dependable research, evaluation and valuation.

Want to talk about an appraisal or authentication project, lecture, piece of writing or connoisseurship seminar? Call me at 1-800-884-3254. I’ll enjoy speaking with you.