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Recently I’ve been reading a stack of books on¬†Contemporary Art in order to either confirm my unkind suspicions about that market or learn what I don’t know and should. My conclusion? It’s pretty much like the rest of the art market: opaque, full of cons, based totally on perception and branding and not at all what people think it is.

Artful Dodgers reveals a great deal more. I’m currently talking to agents who want to represent the book. The bottom line, in my opinion, is a fun realization. That is that 3/4 of the word CONTEMPORARY is TEMPORARY!

As my book points out, you cannot invest in the work of a living artist, you can only speculate. And I believe a great deal of the current stunningly high speculation will not mean a thing in twenty years. But then….that’s what they said about Salvador Dali.

The Artpro-on-the-Go is leaving in the morning for a six hour drive to his Westerness Wildlife Preserve in Colorado. I’ll be writing,¬†editing, hiking and watching wildlife at 9,200 feet for the next nine days. That is my Paradise. No phones or internet connection. Sorry. Suzanne will be in the office, though, and be her usually excellently helpful and pleasant self.