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While working to sign with an agent for the publication of Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market I’m also making progress on the next book Persistence of Memory: The Unbelievable Salvador Dali Market. Of course, sales of the former will do a great deal for sales of the latter and both will piss off many people who have made tons of money fooling the public in the sale of art.

For several years, I have been hearing from everyone who learned about my writing Artful Dodgers that they want to be sure they hear about its release. This means several hundred to a thousand appraisers, hundreds of dealers and other art professionals and several thousand former clients of mine must be informed. Then there are those several thousand attendees at lectures I have given all over the country. They will be and hopefully initial sales will justify the faith of both agent and publisher.

Many have asked if Artful Dodgers contains inside information on my extensive experience with the Dali market or if they’ll have to wait for the second book. The answer, of course, is that while the first book reveals the secret ways that the art market really works, it also contains many references to games and players in the Dali market. After all, it’s the chief focus of my professional life.

So, what lies ahead in that arena? Well, while I continue to examine, authenticate and appraise a great many artworks attributed to Salvador Dali, I also do daily research and work to fill in the gaps in what I know and will share with you. While I cannot give details now, I shall soon be going to Europe to examine documentation and other material that will hopefully clear up many questions and permit me to more accurately reflect the truth about a major source of Dali artworks.

 First, however, I have scheduled a driving trip to San Miguel de Allende with an extension by bus to Mexico City where I’ll have the delight of staying with Dali collector and authority Enrique Zepeda, a trip to Nashville to do an appraisal of a large collection, a trip to Cincinnati for a high school reunion and a trip to England and Wales to meet our adopted son from India Gelek and get him to and settled in Bangor University where he’ll be doing his Masters degree.

Busy times, you say? Of course. It may be my 50th anniversary reunion in Cincinnati, but I’m still the ARTPRO-ON-THE-GO.