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When I wrote in an earlier blog posting that I was going to Mexico to visit Dali collector and expert Enrique  Zepeda, a nasty individual known to all in the Dali market sent an e-mail to Enrique saying, “You are not a Dali expert.” This is nothing more that sour grapes from a person who will never be as much an expert himself.

Enrique has been collecting Dali artworks and building his library since he was a diplomat serving in the Mexican Embassy in Madrid many years ago. He has done unending research since and built an impressive international network of collectors and Dali fans. He is not, as I am not either, a dealer or broker.

He is a scholar. He not only has an extensive Dali library, he knows every book, has read it (if it is in one of the languages he speaks) and can later find again whatever is in it. He also did the Spanish translation for Wolfgang Everling’s magnificant “re-established correspondence between the text and images” of Dali’s Divine Comedy. This alone is a great contribution to Dali fans in many countries.

Enrique’s knowledge, insight and integrity are simply not duplicated in any other individual whom I have encountered in over thirty years of studying, authenticating and appraising Salvador Dali artworks. We are planning to travel together to the big Dali retrospective exhibition in Paris in February and we shall learn much from each other. Believe me, he is an expert and I am honored to have him as a friend as well as a colleague.