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IMPORTANT THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN THE DALI WARS! Good news just keeps rolling in for those who represent the truth in the Salvador Dali market.

First came the news that the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the judge was correct when he vacated the jury decision in the case of Park West Gallery v. Theresa Franks et al. The judge had ordered a new trial and now we’ll wait to see whether that will happen. In other words, no trial has ever shown that Park West was selling fake Salvador Dali prints or that I was wrong when I authenticated them.

The other great news is that the Fine Art Registry blog that posted so many lies about me has been taken down and all of the nasty and untrue articles making claims about my lack of integrity are not to be found. The same is true of the YouTube videos posted by Theresa Franks and most of her website is down for “maintainence”.

To me, this is huge and long past due. I hope you’ll see what this means in terms of where credibility lies in the Dali market. I am immensely grateful to those who knew me, stood with me and never lost faith.