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Wouldn’t it be great if we could stop worrying about and talking about Theresa Franks and Fine Art Registry? After being attacked by her Googlebomb for three years and being the target of her lying rants on Youtube, it’s so nice to find that she’s totally disappeared from the Internet. That speaks volumes about the credibility of the nasty and untrue things she said about me–and the dealer whom I believe put her up to it in the first place.

Another of her victims, Canadian forensic art expert Peter Paul Biro, asked me what I think it means. I responded that I would not be surprised if he found she has disappeared physically as well. Biro is the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Franks and New Yorker magazine because the publication, which has a reputation for fact checking, printed lies about Biro that were supplied to the magazine by Theresa Franks. A deposition is approaching and the bruja’s attorney has not responded. Word on the street is that Franks has lost everything through the dozen lawsuits that have been filed against her. Perhaps she and her husband, who at last report had just about lost his business, have relocated from Phoenix to a community or country where they are not known. One can only hope.

On two other fronts; watch this space for exciting news about a partnership between myself and Enrique Zepeda of Mexico City (the only player in the Dali world with whom I would forge such an association) and a new working relationship between myself and the gentlemen who hosted my trip to Europe last month. The only thing I can say at this point is that these ventures further my activities as the most credible Salvador Dali expert and carry the assurance that my associates are just as dedicated to doing their jobs with the highest integrity.

 Gresham’s law is “Bad money drives out good.” My associates in Mexico, France, Switzerland and Monte Carlo and I will reverse it by always doing the right and honest thing and, at least in the Dali market, Ewell’s Law will be “Good expertise drives out bad.” By offering the highest credibility and integrity, we’ll drive the pretenders with inadequate knowledge, experience and morals out of business. After all, why get the authenticity opinions of crooks, those with their own agendas and wanna-bes when you can have authentications that will stand up and can be counted on?

As Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market makes its way toward publication and the manuscript of Persistence of Enigma: The Unbelievable Salvador Dali Market grows, it’s exciting to contemplate the contribution all of these moves will make to developing trust in the market for Salvador Dali’s art.