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In December, 2011, an Amended ┬áComplaint was filed in federal court in New York by Canadian art authenticator Peter Paul Biro. I have a copy. The original lawsuit named New Yorker magazine (Conde Nast) and investigative journalist David Grann and the ammended complaint added Business Insider, Inc.; Gawker Media; International Council of Museums; Georgia Museum of Art; Louise Blouin Media; Paddy Johnson of the blog ArtFagCity.com; and……..Theresa Franks of Fine Art Registry.

In July, 2010, David Grann published in New Yorker an extensive attack on Biro titled THE MARK OF A MASTERPIECE: The Man Who Keeps Finding Famous Fingerprints On Uncelebrated Works Of Art. Grann based his article on information provided by Theresa Franks. It was the same kind of baseless lies that she posted about me for four years. This has brought into question the long-standing reputation of the magazine for careful fact checking. The other defendents were named because they published unresearched charges from the original article. Business Insider even labeled Biro one of the “Biggest Art Forgers of All Time”.

Peter Paul Biro has accumulated “the world’s first ever database of artists’ fingerprints with now (2008) close to 2000 impressions.” To be attacked in such a public and widespread manner can have very serious affects on an otherwise sterling reputation. Belive me, I know, and am enjoying a correpondence with Biro. After all, we are both victims of Franks and her disreguard for the truth in her relentless pursuit of attention and fame.

As readers of this blog know, Theresa Franks has now taken down the massive number of posting and videos she put on the Internet to smear Peter Paul Biro, Bernard Ewell, Park West Gallery and others. She also is not responding to requests by Biro’s attorney who want to take her deposition in the federal court case. Do you think she might have disappeared? Wouldn’t be surprising. What effect would it have on the other defendents who, after all, based their publications on her trash?

I have great appreciation for Biro, Park West and others who have sued Franks and driven her underground. I am dismayed to find that New Yorker, which I read every week, screwed up to such a degree. David Grann was obviously conned by Franks and stopped short of doing the due diligence expected of a journalist–especially an investigative reporter.

Stay tuned for more detils as the case moves forward.