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Salvador Dali Is Everywhere!

Those of us who both know well the work of Salvador Dali and also have opportunities to see lots of art are always finding Dalinian imagery and ideas in the work of other modern and contemporary artists. Some acknowledge their debt to the master and some may not even be aware of the ways in which his unique vision and creativity have informed the ways we see the world.

I don’t watch television so I miss the constant stream of advertising that bombards most Americans. When my son Duncan was young and living in our home, however, he frequently shouted for me to come quickly so he could point out a Dalinian  component in an ad. He was very sharp and I always saw the reference. Indeed, Dali has served as an inspiration to legions of commercial artists.

The work of other artists is not the only place I see Dali popping up. I am facinated with how many historical references to him and his antics I come across in my general reading. Here is just one of a great many examples I could give.

The December 3 New Yorker magazine has a very interesting article about the venerable Parisian bread bakery Poilane. The third generation of the family continues to protect the reputation of the city’s most celebrated bread. The article mentions that for Salvador Dali, the founder’s son Lionel fabricated a bedroom made entirely of dough. Dali reportedly said he wanted to see if he had mice.

I was previously unaware of this bizarre story and cannot help but wonder if there is an available photograph of the bedroom. If I know Enrique Zapeda’s enterprising mind the way I believe I do, I would bet he’ll appeal to the Dali Collectors Group and perhaps even contact the bakery. Perhaps a future post will have the photograph and more details. I hope anyone else with information on the well-bread Dali will pass it on to me.