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OK, OK, I know. You’re tired of hearing that Theresa Franks and her Fine Art Registry finally went down in flames after posting an extraordinary number of lies and videos about me, Park West Gallery and others. The only reason I am back on the topic is that there are a few details that have surfaced.

The Fine Art Registry website and all of the other linked entities that Franks used to defame me–such as Fine Art Advocacy Foundation– are now owned by another company and this appears to be a part of the settlement of the lawsuits filed against her by Park West. Apparently they ended with a “stipulated dismissal with prejudice” with both parties bearing their own legal expenses. From what I hear, the bozo attorneys Franks retained who cross-examined me in Federal Court are probably not going to get their full fees. What a shame……..

Of course, this also means that the artists and collectors who “registered” their artworks with Fine Art Registry have also lost out. The whole “registration” set-up, that was supposed to “guarantee” authenticity and ownership was pretty screwy from the start. No matter how many times I read about the way it was supposed to work, I never got beyond saying “huh?”

One really unfortunate aspect of that whole era is that there are still plenty of people who believe that Park West sold fake Dali prints and I authenticated them. That is simply not true. The Dali prints were all authentic and I did full due diligence in going to the source and thoroughly investigating every pertinent detail prior to giving my opinions of authenticity.

Now I have to wonder if this Franks creature is going to emerge from the swamp sometime in the future and hurt more innocent, and honest, people. Lawsuits don’t always drive a steak through the hearts of those who deserve it.