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For a third of a century I have been researching all available information about the 1,700+ print images by Salvador Dali and a vast array of others that are attributed to him but belong in the FAKES filing cabinets. In that time, I have examined and given opinions of authenticity for almost 57,000 prints. In addition, of course, I have examined over two thousand original unique artworks in almost every medium, frequently in collections and locations not accessible to any other so-called “Dali expert”. That is why I offer myself to the art world as the most experienced and knowledgeable expert on the art of Salvador Dali.

Another thing that sets me apart is that I am totally disinterested and independent: I don’t buy, sell or broker the art of Salvador Dali or anyone else. That way I have nothing to gain from saying an artwork is real or fake, valuable or not.

Those who know me, have used my services or┬áhave hired me as an expert witness know all of this and that is why I get referrals every day–frequently from people I have never heard of. With the shameful attacks that I suffered for several years from the defendant in a major federal court case in which I was the opposing expert witness, I feel it necessary to point out the above facts from time to time for those who have not had personal experience with me. Fortunately all of the lies have disappeared from the Internet and my actual record is about all that one can find online. It’s one I’m very proud of and I challenge any other appraiser or authenticator to match it.

Another hallmark of Bernard Ewell Art Appraisals and my sterling new partner Enrique Zepeda is that we are very generous with the information we have. We invite anyone with questions about art (not just Dali) to contact us by telephone (1-800-884-3254) or email (info@bernardewell.com) and to check our website, which was probably the portal through which you found this blog. I promise we will treat you well.

Oh, by the way…………at last my book Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market is moving ahead in the publishing process and will be available sometime after I return from Ireland in May. Ordering information will, of course, appear in this space.