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Viva La Mexico!

Once again we are in our beloved Mexico for a month! Our first week was spent in the thrill of visiting grandsons and their parents. Think I’m here with no Salvador Dali input? Not a chance.

Remember, this is the home of Enrique Zepeda, the Dali collector, scholar, expert and my international business partner. He and his family were also with us for a brief visit before they go to London, Madrid and Paris–for the Salvador Dali exhibition at the Pompidou Center.

I am especially excited for Enrique to have time at the show as he will be making informed comparisons and connections and will learn much. It would be grand if he and I were able to view the assembled works together, but my travel schedule–Mexico in March, Ireland and Wales in April and May–do not permit it. I know that we would share a lot of information and perspectives with each other and both of us would learn much.

As always, Enrique came with several Dali-related presents. He brought me a couple of catalogs that I have already spent some hours with. They provide details I did not know about some works and reveal other pieces about which I was unaware. He is generous in this way and helps me add to my Dali knowledge.

Tomorrow I shall give an author reading from Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market at the San Miguel Literary Sala and I know of many people who have said they will attend. I am going to talk about the book and the art market in general and then read five selections from the book. As with much if the material, each is a story illustrating my experience with one of the facets of the market. I am hoping for a lively discussion.

 Today Melinda and I were guests at a lovely lunch given by Sally and Mike, our friends from Santa Fe. Sally asked if I am nervous about my talk. I replied that I never am nervous prior to a public appearance because I have done about 100 of them at museums, galleries, auditoriums, universities and a great many other venues–including The Salvador Dali Museum, Caesar’s Palace, the National Gallery in Beijing and many others. I enjoy speaking to an audience and, because I truly do believe and am generally accepted as the top expert in my field, I know I speak with authority. Integrity, disinterestedness, experience and objectivity are my foundations.

 As soon as I return to Santa Fe, the book will go to Abbott Press and soon be available in print and every electronic medium. I urge you to send an e-mail to my office (info@bernardewell.com) and ask to receive an announcement of publication. I know you will enjoy the book, and learn a lot from it.