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The almost five weeks we spent in San Miguel de Allende was so good that after eight years of visits, we have signed a one year lease for a house. When we are not there, friends and family can use it and its gorgeous 1/2 acre of gardens. Hopefully Enrique Zepeda and his family will enjoy it as will my daughter Heather and her family. Between the two families, I enjoyed visits from two natural and two selected grandsons and we had a blast. Believe me, you don’t want to get in the way of Bernard flanked by two grandsons.

While there, and after the families left, I worked on the final polishing of Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishnesss in the Art Market while back in Santa Fe, Suzanne did the final fact checking. I gave a reading and talk to the San Miguel Literary Sala and found that highly literate crowd of about 100 to be one of my best audiences, and I have given 80 Р100 talks and lectures over the past 40 years.  We also enjoyed the incredible experience of Holy Week (Samana Santa) in San Miguel.

Now that we are back in Santa Fe, we are preparing the book manuscript for the publisher–Abbott Press. Oh, I believe the publication will get a huge reaction from those who think they know about how the art market works and irate reactions from the many scurrilous players in that market who are revealed for what they are and what they do.

Tomorrow my dear Melinda goes to the cottage in Donegal, Ireland for three weeks. I shall follow at the end of the month and meet her in Dublin. We will then take the ferry to Wales to be with our splendid adopted son Gelek who completed his law degree in Bangelore and is now doing his Masters at Bangor University in Wales. It will be so great to see him. You may remember that I waited for him in England for a week but he didn’t make it out of Indian before I had to go to work in Paris and Switzerland.

From Wales we’ll go to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the graduation in Virginia of beautiful granddaughter Joelle McMahan. It will¬†grand to be with that family for a few days and then we’ll finally fly home.

We’ll be back n our canyon for a couple of weeks before going to Napa, California…..but that’s another story. Having just completed my 1,101st airplane flight, at almost 70 I’m still the Artpro-on-the-Go.