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Some time ago I received criticism from Paul Chimera, a longtime Salvador Dali fan, collector, curator and authority. He took exception to my oft-repeated representation by myself and others of me as The International Salvador Dali Expert. He thought that the title was too broad and should be restricted to my being the expert on authenticity of Dali artworks. We discussed the matter for some time and he felt that I was trying to upstage the scholars and curators who quite obviously were also experts.

OK, let’s look at the record.

  • Has anyone seen more original pieces by The Master than I have? No.

  • Has anyone examined and authenticated/appraised more prints attributed to Dali? No. My count is over 57,000.

  • Has anyone visited more collections or given more lectures? No.

So how international is my practice? Very. At any given time I am providing services for people in several countries and I have done so through visiting them overseas, receiving artworks that were sent to me and working through photographs and documentation. Many even make the pilgrimage to my office in Apache Canyon outside of Santa Fe. That takes some doing, but they always say they feel the effort was well-rewarded.

So how do I feel about Paul’s recommendation that I add authentication to the title? That would be alright and I am starting to do that. It will be a while before it appears everywhere that my name does, but hopefully Paul will be patient. In the meantime I will go back to providing the services I am for an auction house in Switzerland, a collector in Sweden, and clients here in Mexico. Suzanne in my office is currently scheduling telephone consultations with client who will hear from me after my return to New Mexico. I always enjoy those a lot and the art owners always say they do as well.

It is my aim to leave them with all of the information I can about their artwork (genuine or not) and feeling that they have been well-treated, we are generous and interesting. It is also important for me that they feel they have received good value for the fee they have paid. If you have a Dali artwork and have not used the service, check the website and call us of you need help setting up the request.