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2014 Challenges for ARTPRO

How did it ever get to be 2014? I know people everywhere are asking that question. Wasn’t it just a few years ago that we were waiting the arrival of the Millennium? I’m so old I even remember waiting years for the approaching 1984, wondering if Orwell was right. Turns out he was, his timing was just off.

The New Year will see the publication of Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market which will have a cover illustration taken from a Diego Rivera mural in Mexico City. The image shows  the backs of a row of three gentlemen in bowler hats watching a parade. Behind one of then, a shoeless urchin is lifting the wallet out of his back pocket–my view of the art market.

My publisher, Abbott Press, of course needed official written permission from the appropriate Mexican officials and the museum to use the image without treading on copyright protection. How fortunate that my partner Enrique Zepeda is not only a lawyer in Mexico City, but a former diplomat and member of the Attorney General’s staff. Who better to work through Mexican red tape? Even in the “out to lunch” holiday season, he was successful in moving the applications through the system. Bravo, Enrique!

The book will, I hope, be available in time for the San Miguel Writers’ Conference (biggest in Latin America) in mid February. I will be attending and then going on to Rio de Janeiro for a visit with my son Duncan and his wife Mariana.

In order to do my part in the book marketing, I need to get a whole lot better at using social media and I am in the market for a professional to train me.  This blog should benefit.

In 2014 Enrique and I will finally officially launch our cooperative efforts to make sure the international Salvador Dali market continues to have a voice of authority and truth that all can rely on. Do not think the scams, con men and sales of fakes are all in the past. The bad guys are still out there and the auction houses are still in cahoots with them.

2014 is going to be no less challenging than the last 43 years of my career have been, but I am counting on it also being as much fun as they have been. Watch for the book, watch this blog, watch for my lecture tour and don’t hesitate to contact my office with any questions you have. We’ll enjoy the year together.