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Artful Dodger is Surrounded by Writers, Agents and Publishers

photo (2)What an exciting place to be–the 9th San Miguel de Allende Writers’ Conference in Central Mexico. It is the largest such gathering in Latin America and my book, Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market is receiving lots of accolades.

The final editing is done (Abbott Press), the book cover design is approaching it’s final form and production will lead to the book being released, probably in March. Here at the conference I am attending workshops and sessions which will fine tune my marketing plans, including the establishment of an individual website and YouTube video. All very exciting.

It has been interesting to look through the great many books being offered for sale and to identify that almost 2/3 of the covers do not really tell a potential buyer what the book is about or has to offer them. You can bet my cover will not be among them.

There is a long list of international authors and others who give keynote addresses so I can hear from and meet some of the current hot names. Tonight the presentation is by Yann Martel who wrote Life of Pi.