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Still in San Miguel at the Writers’ Conference. The photographs show the inside of our front wall door, the Paroquia (main church) and a couple of neighbors. Each morning I walk a little over a mile to the hotel where the conference is being held and attend two training sessions, a lecture or two and walk home through this marvelous Spanish colonial town.

I am getting more and more excited about the publication of Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market as other authors, agents and writers compliment me on the book cover (too large a file to upload at this time), the book’s title and my description of what it reveals about the art market, fakes and a plethora of entertaining and astounding tales. Uberagent Jeff Kleinman remembers when we met in Washington years ago and wanted to know why I did not let him represent the book. He also asks that I run the next one–Persistence of Enigma: The Unbelievable Salvador Dali Market–past him. At the same time I have received very, very complimentary comments from the editors at Abbott Press.

Just before leaving Santa Fe, my book cover designer, Lindsay Holt, and I put together a cover which, when completed, should do a great job of informing potential buyers of what the book is about and hooking them into a purchase. I am amazed to find that about 2/3 of the books for sale at the Conference do not do a good job of this. Here is the back cover description of  the book:

Who really knows how the art market works? Here for the first time, art detective, veteran appraiser and international art expert Bernard Ewell opens the door and introduces the reader to “the most unregulated and secret market on earth.” You will be amazed, horrified and perhaps confirmed in your suspicions. The players, the con men and the larger than life personalities are better than characters created by novelists.

You will learn that “the art market” is actually several markets that all operate as if all art is Fine Art and at all levels are dependent on “The Six Myths That Drive The Art Market.” Perception is everything and pervasive secrecy is the unbreakable rule.

Be prepared to put aside everything you think you know, have heard from dealers and read in the press. The international auction houses, big name galleries and superstar artists are haunted by fakes and forgeries and collectors usually buy for the wrong reasons. This book will greatly entertain you as it helps you become a better, and safer, art consumer.