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With Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness In The Art Market through editing and into production at Abbott Press and with the front cover and back cover text finalized by my brilliant designer Lindsay Holt, I am into marketing discussions with the Abbott expert. Fortunately I engaged in a lot of marketing seminars and sessions at the Writers’ Conference in San Miguel de Allende and have already absorbed and started to activate a number of marketing strategies.


You see, here is the thing. I want to sell a lot of books. I don’t want to sell a lot of books in order to make a lot of money, or even recoup what I have spent on this project. I want to sell a lot of books because I sincerely believe that Artful Dodgers is chock full of information that people need when dealing in any manner with the art market. I am also sure they will be amazed at what they learn about the market, enjoy the stories (better than fiction) and be surprised at how much┬ávery interesting information they encounter.


Having talked about this book for a long time, presented a number of lectures and pre-publication book readings, I am convinced the book will create a significant “buzzzzzz” in the market. Most of it will be very positive, but some of the current players will be annoyed. In my “Letter to my Readers” I say, “If you are an art professional and are annoyed that I wrote about your industry, revealed information you have worked hard to conceal from your customers or believe I have been unfair, all I can say is, If you and your colleagues lived your lives better, I would not have anything to write about.”