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From San Diego to New York and Connecticut the past several weeks have seen a great response to Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market as I have traveled across the country.┬áThat impressive Dali scholar and (I am proud to say) my partner Enrique Zepeda is about to give a presentation in Mexico City and will have books to sell. Would you like to have me give a lecture/book reading and do a signing in your professional space, local museum or other venue? Just call me at 800-884-3254 or contact me at artpro@bernardewell.com and we’ll talk about it.

For museum and art center audiences, a very good topic is “A Famous Art Detective Tells You How To Avoid Fraud and Buy Art Safely”. Believe me, every membership group would benefit from such a presentation. As all who have read Artful Dodgers will attest, they were amazed to discover the pervasiveness of art fraud in the market and were entertained by the stories that demonstrate the point.


If you have read the book, learned from it and been entertained, won’t you post a review on amazon.com? If you need any assistance with the process, contact us at one of the above locations. So far, there has been only a single review that has not awarded the book five stars, but we’re in the process of tracking that individual down.


If you would like to order a signed and personally dedicated copy, do so at artfuldodgers.us. I must limit to 50 requests, however, a dedication that states “I couldn’t have done it without you”. If you order in the next twenty months, I will waive the $50 signing fee. Do it now and eliminate any chance that you might meet me and have to confess you have not read the book. I guarantee the cover price will translate into the cheapest tuition you have ever been offered.