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In addition to all of the professional experiences and accomplishments previously listed, I have been fortunate to have a great many other opportunities in my life that make me a better art professional and help me to serve you better.

  • Travel: Traveling internationally and domestically since I was seven, when my family moved to England, I have visited forty countries, done graduate study overseas, been to many of the great museums, studios and archaeological sites and been engaged with many cultures.

  • Gallery Owner: As the proprietor of the oldest and highest quality art gallery in Colorado Springs for eight years, I know the world of art dealers and the way the art market works.

  • Restorer and Framer: During the years that I owned the art gallery, I was also studying and doing painting restoration and high quality framing so I learned a great deal about art materials and techniques.

  • Continual Study: Since I have hands-on experience with all of the various art mediums, I know materials and I know processes. This has been beneficial in my career as an art detective. I have carved stones and wood, cast bronze, painted and drawn in all mediums and made prints of all types.

  • Scholarship: As an art scholar, I continually read and study, attend exhibitions, lectures and seminars and, in turn, write, lecture and teach. The intellectual life is endlessly rewarding.