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Lectures, Seminars & Publications

As a well-informed, entertaining and always interesting public speaker, I have presented scores of lectures at museums, galleries, clubs and other venues. I have been the featured speaker at the C. M. Russell Auction, the Prix de West at the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center and have spoken at several American Society of Appraisers international conferences.

My teaching has consisted primarily of Valuation Law and appraisal courses for the ASA and the American Quilting Society. Of course, there’s also that guest lectureship at the National Gallery in Beijing. I have also created and presented seminars on connoisseurship, litigation support, appraisal practice management and other topics.

I’m available at any time to present a CONNOISSEURSHIP FOR COLLECTORS multi-day seminar in Santa Fé or in your museum or community. I use many resources and involve participants so they learn all about materials, techniques, styles and develop their own tastes and connoisseurship. The seminar is appropriate and valuable for entry-level buyers, seasoned collectors, art professionals and museum personnel. It’s always fascinating, eye-opening and a lot of fun. I’ll be happy to talk to you about creating a program for your organization.