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Professional Appraisers

Questions for the Appraiser

When you are considering hiring an appraiser, you should ask some questions that will make you comfortable with his/her experience, professionalism and independence.



Have you been trained in and do you practice in compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice?
(Accept only “yes”)



Have you been trained, tested and certified by one of the top professional appraisal societies?
(Accept ASA, AAA, ISA or AOA. Others are mail order certification mills)


Do you charge a percentage of the appraised value?
(Accept only NO!)


Do you ever buy, sell or broker items that you appraise?
(Accept only NO!)


Do you have extensive experience in my type of personal property?
(Accept only a description of the experience, not just a “yes”)


How many of your appraisals have been accepted by the IRS? Any rejected? Why?


Are you available to defend your appraisal in court?
(They’d better be)


When do I pay you?
(It had better be before the delivery of the report or it’s unethical)


Will I have to pay you even if my artwork is not authentic?
(It had better be “yes” because you are still paying for the expertise and time of the appraiser)

If you have spoken with another appraiser—no matter where—and would like to have their answers evaluated, give us a call at 800-884-3254. You will be under no obligation to us. You’ll just be in a better position to make a decision.