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The Truth About the Salvador Dalí Market

Nothing in the world of Salvador Dalí—during his lifetime or since his death in 1989—is simple. There are no rules you can always count on. There are few consistencies and every time I think I’ve identified a pattern, I find exceptions. The market for art attributed to Dalí is more extreme in every way. It is almost impossible to know who to trust because some of the worst players pose and are accepted as legitimate.

There are great numbers of fake Dalí prints, bronze sculptures and unique artworks in circulation. I’m the only person who has the expertise and experience to be able to always detect them, whatever others may say they can do.

I always remain totally independent and disinterested (I don’t buy, sell or broker). No other Dali “expert” can say the same.

This I promise you:

I will always tell you everything I know about an artwork or an individual and I’ll always tell you what I don’t know.

I’ll give you the best counsel I can and make every effort to be sure you understand what you need to know to operate in the always confusing and secretive art market.

More stories, astounding revelations, cautions and facts will be found in my forthcoming book, Persistence of Enigma: The Salvador Dalí Art Market. Until publication, visit my blog and follow the newsletter.