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While there’s no pleasure in seeing another person in difficulties, I cannot help but think that perhaps the problems piling up for Theresa Franks of Fine Art Registry (FAR) will keep her sufficiently occupied to refrain from posting lies about me. She is apparently going to end up totally repudiated, unmasked and bankrupt.

There are a lot of rumors that I have not taken the time to investigate. Is it true that she defaulted on a $1 million bank loan? I’m told it is. Is it true that she has had a property foreclosed on? I’m told it is. Is it true that she’s the target of at least two lawsuits that are being built with her as the target? I’m told it is.

So what do I know to be factual? I do know that she was the subject of the article posted on fineartinvestigations.blogspot.com by Michael Wilson that so tickled her victims. I do know that she was the subject of an article in Crain’s Detroit Business  which predicts that she will untimately lose the battle that she conjured up, “which is greed and vanity driven disguised as a ploy to save the unsuspecting public.”

I also now that Franks and FAR are defendants in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court in New York by Canadian Peter Paul Biro. The New Yorker is also named because it was there that another defendant, David Grann, published an article perporting to unmask Biro as something other than the art and fiungerprint expert he claims to be. The story, in large measure, was provided to Grann by Franks, so you can immagine how accurate and fair it is.

Meanwhile, the decision in Federal Court in Port Huron, Michigan sits on a shelf at the Court of Appeals, so there is just not too much for Theresa Franks to celebrate this Christmas. Aw. It being a biblical time of year, I’m inclined to muse along the lines of one reaping what they have sowed