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That’s just what happened. With my reputation as the International Salvador Dali expert, many people don’t know the breadth and depth of my experience and knowledge with other types of art. That’s why a guy recently asked me, “Do you know anything about Western Art?”

DO I!  I’ve been involved examining, curating, writing about, judging, appraising and lecturing about Western Art for almost 40 years. Being located in Colorado Springs for thirty years and Santa Fe for twelve, I have spent my career right in the middle of the market. I became an expert on the early art of Colorado–especially Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor Art Academy–and the historic art of New Mexico. In fact, I was in Taos and Santa Fe almost every month for over twenty years providing appraisals, lecturing at every major museum, writing art columns for two monthly magazines, helping David Witt found the Southwest Art History Association (and annual conference) and developing relationships with museum professionals, dealers, artists, deceased artists’ families and collectors.

At various times I have also served as a consultant to the Great Falls, Montana Rotary Club on their annual C. M. Russell Auction. I have also lectured at the auction and been the featured speaker at the Prix de West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Center in Oklahoma City and the Coors National Western Stock Show Art Exhibition in Denver. I have been a part of many symposia and panel discussions and served as a resource person and advisor to many Western Art shows and auctions held by charitable organizations.

My appraisals have covered the entire span of Western Art from the very earliest to rcent paintings with still wet paint.  My clients have been MUSEUMS, COLLECTORS, DEALERS, UNIVERSITIES, ARTIST ESTATES (many) INSURANCE COMPANIES, ATTORNEYS, LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES AND CORPORATIONS.

Oh, yes. I’ve been developing my eye, knowledge, scholarship and connoisseurship in Western Art for a very long time. If you have any questions about particular artists, the value of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other artworks by Western Artists, give me a call at 1-800-884-3254.  I have the answers and can provide the most professional–and independent appraisal you’ll be able to get anywhere. GUARANTEED.

PS -Many other appraisers get the information they need to do appraisals of Western Art by calling for my help.