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While doing research for a court case I’m an expert in, I Googled the words “conceptual art”. The second site turned out to be titled About the Museum of Conceptual Art. It carried a definition of the topic and went on with a creative exposition to further explain what conceptual art is all about.  It included the lines, “To Salvador Dali’s assertion that ‘there is no such thing as a lazy masterpiece,’ conceptual art replies, ‘so what?‘.”  Several more paragraphs are followed by a small notation at the bottom: “P.S. This could be bullshit.” 

What a revelation in art writing–an unpretentious statement! I have written in several columns and in my forthcoming Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market that much writing about art is precisely that–Art Bullshit. I find that all too much of it is exclusive rather than inclusive.  I always wrote my columns, books and magazine articles in a first person narative style that is essentially storytelling. That way,  every reader can “get” what I’m saying without having to speak the art insider’s language. 

I also beleve there should be a lot more humor in both art and writing about it. I know Salvador Dali would agree.

For at least a good snicker, go to www.museumofconceptualart.com/about.html.