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Bernard Ewell, AOA

The Internationally Recognized Dali Authority

Bernard Ewell, is a Senior Appraiser who has provided professional services since 1972 and has specialized in the works of Salvador Dalí since 1980. He has appraised over 57,000 prints attributed to Dalí and also examined over 1,600 unique, original drawings and paintings. In 1987, 1993 and 1998 he appraised the collection of The Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Mr. Ewell has been certified by the Albaretto Collection in Turin, Italy – the world’s largest collection of original artworks by the Spanish Master.

As a recognized expert in the field, Mr. Ewell has provided appraisals, court reports and testimony for the Federal Trade Commission, the F.B.I., the I.R.S., the U.S. Attorneys of New York and Hawaii, the U.S Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the Attorneys General of New Mexico, Wisconsin, and Missouri, and numerous local law-enforcement agencies and private attorneys. He also served as a consultant for the CBS News “60 Minutes” Broadcast on the Dalí market and Money Magazine, Forbes Magazine and numerous newspapers. Working with the Wisconsin Attorney General, he co-authored the Art Multiples Law, designed to serve as a model for other states.

In 2012, Bernard will publish his book titled Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market about his experiences with the art market, to be followed by The Dalí Dilemma.

Having lived through 45 years of Dalí’s career as a private collector, I have yet to find a so-called “Dalí Expert” who can speak with more authority than yourself. This is why I requested you to make the appraisal for us. I can assure any inquirer of its fairness and your competence.
A. Reynolds Morse, President
The Salvador Dalí Foundation, Inc.

I, Dr. Mara Albaretto Berio, as the original collector with my husband Giuseppe, and sole administrator of the Albaretto Collection of original Salvador Dalí artworks, declare that Mr. Bernard Ewell ASA, Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers, Federal Expert, and Salvador Dalí authority, has examined our entire collection and accompanying documentation. We certify him as fully competent to appraise and authenticate Dalí artworks in the collection of Mara, Christiana and Giuseppe Albaretto of Turin, Italy. Mr. Ewell has the full confidence of the Albaretto Family.

Dr. Mara Albaretto Berio
Administrator and Collector of the
Albaretto Collection of original Salvador Dalí artworks