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Writing Projects, Publications and You

As a writer and teacher, I always have several projects underway that are intended to share information and perspectives and teach people about the art market. My Blog, is the vehicle I use for topics or news that can be addressed pretty quickly. Take a look and link to it and I believe you’ll find it rewarding. I have published over a hundred art columns and magazine articles, but now those topics mostly go into the blog.

The Blog is updated at least weekly with a wide range of stories about Salvador Dalí and his associates, litigation, art crimes, explanations of mediums and techniques, connoisseurship tips, news items, art detectives and much more. It is titled Bernard Ewell Salvador Dalí ARTPRO and you can find it here.


Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market
By Bernard Ewell, AOA

Persistence of Enigma: The Salvador Dalí Market
By Bernard Ewell, AOA

While awaiting publication of these two books which will tell you amazing things about the art market, keep in touch with the blog.

The big topics currently are emerging as two books. The first is in final editing and hopefully will be published by early 2012. It is titled Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market. Amazingly, it will be the first book to reveal how things really work in a secret and totally opaque market. It addresses the six myths that drive the art market, discusses what’s wrong with dealers and appraisers and opens up the most unregulated market on earth. Even the international drug trade has more internal regulation. Art dealers don’t kill each other, they cover up for each other. It is a very good and interesting read from which you’ll learn many surprising things. Contact us if you want to receive an announcement of publication or to buy a copy.

The Six Myths That Drive The Art Market
(From Artful Dodgers: Fraud and Foolishness in the Art Market)
1. All art has value.
2. Art Values always appreciate.
3. Art is a good investment.
4. You can always resell your art and get at least as much as you paid.
5. The bigger the name of the artist, the more valuable the art.
6. When an artist dies, the value of his work goes up.

The next book (already underway) is titled Persistence of Enigma: The Salvador Dalí Art Market. It will introduce you to con men, criminals, crooked auction houses and dealers, forgers and a whole cast of characters that are better than I could ever make up for a novel. Since everything associated with Dalí is extraordinary, so are the people in this surreal market. This book will have it all: intrigue, murder, international criminals, are detectives, false “experts” and convoluted court cases. Best of all, it’s all true and this is the first time it’s all been revealed.