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Litigation Support


Today many court cases hinge on battling expert witnesses. It is the job of the expert to educate the trier of fact (judge or jury) and provide information on which they can make their decision. It is absolutely critical that a party to a case hire the very best expert available because it will be that person’s responsibility to both convince a judge or jury and counter misinformation offered by the opposing expert.

There really are several requirements for a successful expert witness:
• Extensive professional experience in the subject of the case.
• Experience with creating a “bulletproof” report.
• Skill in presenting testimony in depositions and court.
• An understanding of the Rules of Evidence and court procedures.

This is a service in which I have excelled over many years. I have served as expert to almost all federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies as well as many attorneys general, district attorneys and attorneys in private practice. I have given testimony in federal, state and tax courts and have taught classes and seminars in litigation support techniques. A list of my court case assignments is available. I would be delighted to talk to you about any case in which you need expertise in art authentication and values, art market practices or evaluation of appraisals prepared by others.

I have frequently provided the winning advantage in court.