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Art Attributed to Salvador Dalí

If you have prints, bronze sculptures or commercial products attributed to Salvador Dalí, the telephone consultation outlined above is the best and least expensive way to start. I’ll give you an opinion of authenticity, tell you everything known about the publication and distribution of the works and give you opinions of Fair Market or Replacement Value, depending upon your needs. If you want to sell, I’ll make recommendations, but I would never buy or broker an artwork myself. I’m always disinterested.

It is necessary, of course, for me to personally examine any unique, original artwork attributed to Salvador Dali. My Art Detective techniques will be used in a stylistic analysis and an evaluation of materials and techniques. The artwork itself holds all of the answers and I’ll be looking for clues. I’ll then conduct research and write a fully annotated Professional Opinion of Authenticity (and possibly value) giving my opinions and conclusions and explaining the clues and evidence that support them.

Art Attributed to Other Artists

There are a great many artists with whom I have extensive experience and have excellent sources of information and I’ll be happy to examine their artworks and prepare Professional Opinions of Authenticity and Value. Just give us a call or send the Service Request Form and a photograph and we’ll contact you with recommendations and a fee bid.

Authentications of artworks by artists other than Salvador Dalí may or may not involve a personal examination and typically take longer. They may involve correspondence with other recognized experts, dealers, artists themselves and their family members. Every piece of information or perspective that I use in forming my opinion of authenticity will be explained in the report. Its credibility will be based on both my reputation and the thoroughness of my research, writing and explanations.